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"It is said that when the conscientiousness of several hold the same thought, a manifestation takes place, making the thought a reality."

So it was with Ned Startzel and Mark Carroll.
Although co-founder Ned Startzel passed away August 30, 2017, a week before his 99th birthday, the story about how the.Senior Follies began hasn't changed.

Ned Startzel and Mark Carroll- How the Spectqacular Senior Follies began!

In 2006 Ned Startzel started his day in the usual way, reading the newspaper. This particular day of the week was his favorite edition. He immediately turned to the “Senior Section” and read about a local “music man,” Mark Carroll, who stated his desire to stage a seniors follies to highlight their talents. This too was Ned’s dream but he had never pursued it.

A phone call to Mark was made by Ned immediately after reading the article. The idea of working together to stage a seniors follies was discussed but to Ned’s disappointment, Mark was just too busy to talk about the possibility at the time. Two years to the day, Ned made a second phone call to Mark and was thrilled to hear him say, “I’m ready. Let’s meet each other.”

After a hand shake and one year of planning the dream of both become a reality in 2008.


Provide safe, clean, ethical entertainment dedicated to providing Dallas County with a world class entertainment. To enhance & enrich the vitality of the Senior Follies community through theater & the arts by producing a broad range of high quality theatrical & artistic productions that will be entertaining, educational, enriching & diverse.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Spectacular Senior Follies is: To preserve the traditions and legacy of the American performing arts for future generations, provide community outreach that inspires all age groups, educate by example and reinforce the vibrancy of seniors by presenting high quality performances with senior entertainers 55 and older.


Safety: We commit to ensure that our team, entertainers and the general publicís safety is always our first consideration.

Service Excellence: We commit to provide safe, clean, reliable, on-time, courteous service for our clients and customers.

Workforce Development: We commit to make the Follies a learning organization that attracts, develops, motivates and retains a world class performers.

Fiscal Responsibility: We commit to manage every 'friends' and customer-generated dollar as if it were coming from our own pocket.

Innovation: We commit to actively participate in identifying best practices for continuous improvement.

Sustainability: We commit to reduce, re-use and recycle all internal resources and reduce green house gas emissions.

Integrity: We commit to rely on the professional ethics and honesty of every Follies Team member.

Teamwork: We commit to actively blend our individual talents to achieve world-class performance and service.

Core Business Goals

Goal 1: Improve the Follies shows & services

Goal 2: Deliver quality theatrical projects on time and within budget

Goal 3: Exercise fiscal responsibility

Goal 4: Develop an effective and efficient workforce

Goal 5: Secure private, local, state and federal funding

Goal 6: Maintain open lines of communication

Goal 7: Enhance a safety-conscious culture with employees, contractors and customers

Goal 8: Sustain the environment with energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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