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Follies Official Greeters

"ENCORE! Everything Old is New Again"

Spectacular Senior Follies Official Greeters

Always striving to make our guests feel welcome, Judy Michlin instituted Meet & Greet and Beth Pirtle organized the Bus Greeter program.

The Official Greeters are a group of twenty vivacious ladies, dressed in 50's outfits, for the "Fabulous 50's" performances, who greeted guests to the 2017 Spectacular Senior Follies outside the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts as they arrived and inside the lobby as they entered the theater.

The warm greetings were appreciated by the patrons who were all smiling broadly as they milled around the lobby before the curtain went up and were still smiling as they walked cheerfully to their seats.

The Official Greeters created a welcoming atmosphere that uplifted everyone and created excitement about the show. They couldn't wait for the show to begin.

The new Official Greeter Program got off to a "spectacular" start and will be repeated in the years to come.

Spectacular Senior Follies

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