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Spectacular Senior Follies - 2013

Act One, Scene One

Vaudeville Act


Frances Dempsey

Ned Startzel


Opening night: 18 August 2013

Run time

4 minutes 32 seconds

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Fran: How would you describe me.


Fran: Now what does THAT mean?

Ned: A, you're adorable, B, you're beautiful, C, you're cute, D, you're delectable, E, you're effervescent, F, you're fantastic, G, you're gorgous, H, you're HOT!

Fran: What about I J K ?

Ned: I'm Just Kidding.

Fran: Are you still chasing women?

Ned: Yeah, but only downhill.

Fran: Ned, do you believe the Bible story about Jonah being swallowed by a whale?

Ned: I find it hard to believe -- a whole man would be hard to swallow.

Fran: Well, when I get to heaven, I'll ask him about that.

Ned: But what if Jonah didn't go to heaven?

Fran: Then YOU ask him!

Ned: What would do if an ugly man kissed you?

Fran: Try it and let's see!

Ned: I did you a favor today. I saw someone trying to steal your Mercedes in the parking lot.

Fran: OH NO. You tried to stop him, didn't you?

Ned: I did better than that, I got the license plate number.




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A Ziegfeld Follies style musical theater review with singers and dancers 55 & older. The Spectacular Senior Follies is Dallas musical theater at its best.

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