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The Largest And Longest Running Active Adult over 55 Musical Theater Entertainment Event In The USA

Performing since 2008, the Spectacular Follies is again gearing up for opening night and this year's show is chock-full of Ziegfeld-style glamour, talent and some big-time performers - all 55 or older.

The Spectacular Follies Fall Show Is Set!

Announcing: "DECADES!! - The Soundtrack of Your Life."

September 17, 18, 19, & 20th, 2020

Announcing Auditions for the 2020 Follies---Auditions for singers, dancers, musicians, specialty acts, & Showgirls for the 2020 Follies will be held on March 28 and March 29.

The Follies combines 190+ active adult performers, spectacular costumes, memorable music, dazzling choreography, and a variety of comedy, song and dance and skits that will have audiences stomping their feet, laughing one moment and feeling sentimental the next.

Our 2020 Spectacular Entertainment Fall Event will be performed again at Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts in Richardson Texas See your there!

For more information, see the 2020 Fall Show page for details.

The 2020 Auditions Are Set!

Announcing: Auditions for "DECADES!! - The Soundtrack of Your Life."

March 28 & 29th, 2020

For more information, see the Follies Audition page for details.

The 2020 Showgirls Audition Is Set!

Announcing: Showgirl Auditions for "DECADES!! - The Soundtrack of Your Life."

March 28th, 2020 at 4:00p.m.

For more information, see the Showgirls Audition page for details.

For more information, contact:

Mary Dowling

214-808-2944 or Email Mary Dowling

"This was one fabulous show and everyone was having so much fun. Great songs, can't wait for next year."
Billy Jean Johnson

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In The News

Thank you 2019 Spectacular Follies Showgirls

Kay Adcock, Cenia Bowen, Sandy Burdine, LaVelle Clark, Sherry Dodson, Betsy Lee, Sandy McCravy, Terre McGlathin, Beth Pirtle, Bettie Roeber

Jeri Edwards is the Follies 2019 Spirit Award winner.

Read Stacy Dominguez's Showgirl Audition Article for all the Showgirl Audition information.

The Follies Board of Directors Announces the Appointment of Bernie Goldman as Chairman of the Advertising and Sponsorship Committee.

The Spectacular Follies collaborated with the Repertory Company Theatre in the Bridges Multicultural Outreach Arts Festival. Read more.

Current buzz on what's happening at the Follies

Twelve-Year Salute to the Follies

Twelve-Year Salute to the Follies

Wow! Who would have believed twelve years ago - we'd still be presenting this spectacular show?

Stacy Dominguez was elected Follies Vice President

Elected Follies Vice President

Stacy Dominguez was elected Follies Vice President, April 30, 2019.

The Follies Official Greeters

Follies Official Greeters

Judy Michlin created the Official Greeters who welcome our guests as they arrive.

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Notes from the board

Carol Castelhano has joined the Board

Carol Castelhano

Ms. Carol Castelhano joined the Board of the Spectacular Follies May 15, 2018.

Mike Sawyer

Mike Sawyer

Mr. Mike Sawyer joined the Board of the Spectacular Follies June 18, 2018.

Jill Brooks has joined the Board

Jill L. Brooks

Ms. Jill L. Brooks joined the Board of the Spectacular Follies September 4, 2018.

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What people are saying about us...

"A Smash Musical Theater Entertainment Event - A must see. Just great family entertainment for all ages."
"These senior entertainers may no longer be in the prime of their lives, but they really are having the time of their lives!"
"This is not some 'mom and pop' organization, but a highly motivated professional troupe that makes Richard Simmons look like a couch potato."
"These talented senior entertainers really put on a first class professional Broadway show with appeal. Although they are everyday people, every member offers extraordinary talent with both passionate and dynamic enthusiasm."

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