Carol Castelhano Has Joined The Follies Board

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We Welcome Carol Castelhano To The Follies Board

The Spectacular Senior Follies is proud to announce Ms. Carol Castelhano was elected to the board of the Spectacular Senior Follies on May 17th 2018. She is in charge of promoting Friends of the Follies.

About Carol

Carol McCune Castelhano was born in California and moved to Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina all before the age of 6 and now at age 60 finds that continuous movement is in her blood.

Carol attended Clear Lake High School outside of Houston where her first performing award was at the Gussie Nell Drill Team Camp at SMU. After college at Baylor University, Carol lived in Dallas, then Houston, Chicago, Austin, Wilmington, (NC) Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Houston and back to Dallas after 27 years away.

During her time in Wilmington and Philadelphia she was involved in local theater playing in “Same Time Next Year”, "Barefoot in The Park", "Deathtrap", "Cinderella", "Hello Dolly", and "Promises Promises". She has two incredible sons, Chris and Ben, who live in San Francisco and Brooklyn, respectively. Visits to those two cities often involve trips to Broadway, the ballet and wine country!

Since returning to Dallas in 2007, Carol has been a Pilates instructor, a tutor at Gabe Allen elementary, currently assists people who are trying to live a healthy life style by working in the Whole Body department at Whole Foods Market Lakewood, and raised over 25,000 as a kindship fund raiser.

Her first performance in the Follies was in 2011 at age 55.