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Much of the success of the Follies is due to our Celebration Magazine cover stars, Andy and Judy Michlin

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Andy is Our Musical Director and Judy a Showgirl and the Creator of the Greeters

Much of the success of the Follies is due to our Celebration Magazine cover stars, Andy and Judy Michlin. Andy has been musical director of the Follies from its first days and has directed his band on stage for all of the years of the shows. His lovely wife, Judy, has been one of the beautiful showgirls the Follies features every year. They truly embody the true spirit of the Follies cast.

Andy and Judy, both Dallas natives, met as adults in Las Vegas and it was attraction at first sight. Andy, already a professional musician when he graduated from Highland Park High School, was part of a Tom Jones tour as pianist when he met Judy, a single mother raising 2 children, who happened to visit Las Vegas while on an across the country vacation. They hit it off so well, that whenever his schedule brought him through the Dallas area they became very close friends, which led to dating and after a 5-year courtship; they returned to Las Vegas and got married at The Little White Chapel in the city where their story began.

Andy and Judy were both very busy people, Andy worked with many great acts and toured the world for 30 years with such luminaries as Tom Jones, Liza Minnelli, Lou Rawls, Louis Prima and Lynda Carter and was a member of the New Christie Minstrels. He appeared on many TV shows, including The Tonight Show, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, The Kraft Music Hall, Don Kirschner's Rock Concert, The Dinah Shore Show and many others. In Dallas, Andy performed with Bowley and Wilson, The Gentleman's Club, The Chickenhawks and Dallas Doo Wop.

Judy has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and learned early that life is full of risks and knew that she had to take chances to succeed. After a long career as a public relations executive with Tracy Locke, she spread her wings and tried many avenues to grow and success followed her many endeavors. As a real estate flipper, Judy and her daughter turned many old buildings from "ugly ducklings into beautiful swans." Not satisfied with that, she decided to change direction and be one of Dallas' first charity bingo hall proprietors. As success always follows Judy around, she now owns 3 successful charity bingo halls all over the Dallas area.

Claiming that she "had no talent", Judy became a Follies showgirl in 2008 when she took her granddaughter to study music with Mark Carroll, who at the time was planning the first Follies. Although only 5'2", Mark insisted that Judy's beauty would be an asset and convinced her to be the first showgirl he hired. Judy took on the challenge and has been in the Follies every year and with her trademark "kiss to the audience", her gracefulness and beautiful smile made her an audience favorite.

Always thinking of ways to make the Follies more fun for the cast and audience, Judy came up with the idea that there should be cast members in costume in the theater lobby prior to the show to "meet and greet" the audience as they arrived. It was a big hit with the audience and now a regular part of the Follies experience.

Judy and Andy became one of the favorite couples in the show as the Follies grew larger every season. Judy appointed herself the welcoming committee to all the new cast members, getting to know them and showing them the ropes during rehearsals and performances. She introduced them to the other performers, always making sure they enjoyed themselves both backstage and on. Andy, who played piano for most of the acts, worked long hours with cast members to fine tune their performances and give them the confidence to perform with poise and professionalism. Andy would go over a song until the performer was sure of every note they sang or danced to. The cast always claims the Michlins are the champions of the Follies.

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