2020 Auditions

Spectacular Follies

Location: Dallas Texas

Saturday March 28th & Sunday March 29th, 2020.

Senior Auditions - Open Casting Call

What we will be looking for next year...

These are the performers we were looking for...

  • Singers/Vocalists
  • Dancers
  • Specialty Acts
  • Showgirls


(individual singers auditioning for solos or vocal ensemble)
Please be prepared with your favorite audition song. Provide your own CD accompaniment or sheet music.


(Individuals auditioning for solo or dance ensemble)
Dance Ensemble: A dance combination will be taught and music will be provided.
Solo Dancer: Please provide your own CD or sheet music.

Specialty Acts

(More than one person performing a song/dance or special type of act [magician, comic, ventriloquist, sword swallower, Impersonations]
Please provide your own CD or sheet music.


Please wear leotard, heels and tights. Must be able to walk, turn, pose and navigate stairs (stairs will be provided at audition) with poise and confidence.
Selection of 2020 showgirls will be determined by an independent panel of judges not affiliated with the Follies creative team.

For more information, contact:

Mary Dowling

214-808-2944 or Mary Dowling.

Auditions / Casting Call Location

2020 Dates; Saturday March 28th & Sunday March 29th

United Disciples Christian Church
601 E Main Street, Richardson, TX 75081
(We are a secular show and not affiliated with the church and welcome everyone.)

Audition Form

Please print, complete and bring to your Audition
Individual Audition Information and
Photo Release Form
These forms are also available at the Audition.

Audition Day Procedure:

1. Pick up proper forms at the first table. If auditioning for more than one type of act, you'll need a separate form for each act.
2. After you pick up forms, proceed to photographer for head shot. You may bring your own current headshot but we prefer you have one taken on site. The photo is for identification purposes only. You will need a separate photo each type of act you audition for.
3. Take form and head shot to waiting room to complete all paperwork.
4. Bring completed paperwork with headshot to appropriate table in lobby.
At that time you will be assigned a number for your audition.
5. Take your number and return to the waiting room until you are called for your audition. You will not be allowed to wait in the lobby.

Keep in mind that the song or dance you perform at the audition may not be used in the actual production. Run of show will be presented to the selected cast at a later date at the Follies Orientation Meeting.
The Follies will have 5 performances at the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts September 17th - 20th, 2020. Cast members are required to be available for all rehearsals that begin 6 weeks prior to show opening.
We will have piano accompaniment at all auditions.

Audition Schedule

Saturday, March 28, 2020

10am-noon: Singers/Vocalists
Noon-12:30 (break time)
12:30pm: Dancers (solo/ensemble)
2:30pm: Specialty Acts

Sunday, March 29, 2020

1pm: Specialty Acts
2pm: Dancers (solo/ensemble)
3pm: Singers/Vocalists
4pm: All Showgirl Auditions

Upon arrival, you will be given forms to fill out and photo head shots taken before you audition for the creative team. There will be space available for props, costumes, etc. at the church.

For more information, contact:

Mary Dowling

214-808-2944 or Mary Dowling.