Richardson Arts Commission
Heart of the Arts Gala

Beth Pirtle, Fred Carriker and Rhonda, Fred's wife, attended the RAC Heart of the Arts Gala, held at the Eisemann Center on February 17th 2018, hosted by Sarah Lawrence.

Three awards were presented: to Paul and Betty Peck, Patrons of the Arts, Jenny Kelly, Ambassador of the Arts, and Sarah Lawrence Riehm, Artist of the Year.


The dinner was outstanding especially the desert which looked like a tennis ball.

Meet and Greet

The Follies representatives got to meet the mayor and Shanna and the Follies John Vance, an executive board member, was at the Gala. They were glad to be there supporting the Arts Alliance and promoting the Follies everywhere including in the elevator where the event photographer took their picture using Beth's camera.

Fred's Proposal

Fred reported that; providing entertainment for the various RAC events would get the Follies more recognition at events such as the Heart of the Arts Gala and he made that proposal to David Nethery, incoming president of the Richardson Arts Alliance.