Steven Anschultz

Steven Anschutz has been involved in production since 1997 - working in venues ranging from mega churches, to theaters, schools, and outdoor festivals, he has become an expert in both the fields of live audio production and theatrical rigging.


He often lectures at the local college on some of his favorite topics.

In 2011, Steven pooled his expertise with his friends and started Entertainment Fabrication - a company that develops new and innovative products for events and production. He now has several patents to his name and is always looking for new ways to improve products. He currently spends the majority of his time either designing theatrical sets in CAD, or welding up parts in the shop. In the little free time Steven has left he likes work on his parents farm out in east Texas. Feel free to keep up with his many adventures on Twitter @asktheaudioguy

Steven has dropped out of college way too many times, but has managed to get a degree in music and halfway through one in mechanical engineering (which he hopes to finish one day soon)