Jerry Barnett

Jerry Barnett is a Pharmacist and a member of the Dallas Doo Wop.


Jerry Barnett , a resident of Dallas, attended Lakewood elementary, J. L. Long Junior High and Woodrow Wilson High School from 1956 to 1962, where he met, and became friends with, Jack Andrews, Ralph Hamm and Glenn Redmond. During this time rock'n roll and the musical style known as Doo Wop was born. In Jerry's senior year, the four friends formed the Embers and began performing locally.
After school, Jerry became a pharmacist and had no musical affiliation until 2001 when the friends met and decided to begin singing together as the Viagras.
In 2008 the group was renamed Dallas Doo Wop.

Since 2002, Dallas Doo-Wop has performed at public and private venues in and outside Dallas. The band has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, The Advocate Magazines, various entertainment web sites and radio.