Benny Barrett

Benny Barrett has spent his whole life serving others. He served his country for 30 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Enlisting at a very young age and receiving his commission after graduating from college, serving in both Vietnam and Desert Shield/Storm.


He served the units he commanded receiving awards and decorations for their exemplary performance. He served his community as a law enforcement officer. However, while performing the duties of these careers he also served others in extra-curricular activities. Benny has recruited for Electronic Data Systems, and managed the single-drink marketing division for the Dr Pepper Company. Through his church he directed choirs, taught Sunday School classes, led Bible Studies and mission trips. Through his acting he made numerous Public Service Announcements, commercials, and industrial shows. As a professor he taught college students Speech, Critical Thinking, Business Law, and Criminal Justice. As the King at Medieval Times he not only helped to create the WOW Experience for the customers but shared in developing the employees of the castle professionally.

Leadership has always been in constant development with Benny. He has had to learn how to lead and manage both civilians and military personnel, sometimes at the same time. He studied under the direction of Edwards W. Deming and became a proponent of Dr. Deming's Systems Process. For five years Benny led a Deming Study Group. This seemingly informal education allowed Benny to bring about change at a local community college, through the Texas State Board of Education. Colleges can now offer courses during off-peak times for more efficient utilization of their resources. In so doing enrollment has tripled, graduation rates have doubled. Industry has been drawn to the area because of a better educated workforce.

Benny has been entrusted with leading as many as 6000 personnel, and as few as seven. In every case he has led them as a united team always accomplishing the mission together. For instance, Benny was a commanding officer the Joint Mortuary Operations at Dover Air Force Base during Desert Storm. As a result he received the Joint Operations Commendation Medal, and his after action report was made the Standard Operating Procedure for all United States Military mortuary operations.

When it comes to Liberal Arts Benny proves to be a Renaissance Man. He has produced, directed, and acted on stage, television, and motion pictures. As an accomplished actor Benny uses his platform to educate and develop others to always accomplish more, and has received numerous awards for his efforts. He has founded theatre groups that not only bring entertainment to the community but also provide for the education of children and adults in the discipline of Fine Arts.

Currently, after volunteering for four years as the Healing Arts Coordinator at a local major medical center, Benny was then hired to launch a new Arts in Medicine Program. It is the first program of its type in north Texas.“We have developed and implemented a program to bring art into the healing equation with medicine. The healing power of music alone has proven to be an exceptional addition for the patients, their family and friends, and also for our staff. Our artists donate their time and talent. They give back, because all of them have been touched by illness or injury in some way.”

Benny received his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Dallas Baptist College. He holds a Secondary Education Teaching Certificate in Speech and Drama from North Texas State University, and a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Development and Management from Dallas Baptist University.

Benny and his wife Noni live in Dallas. They have two adult sons, Benny Jr., a writer and entrepreneur, and Brett (Bucky), a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant, currently serving as a medic for CareFlight.