Dallas Doo Wop

Mr. Jack Andrews
Mr. Jerry Barnett
Mr. Ralph Hamm
Mr. Glenn Redmond


It was the Christmas holiday season of 2001, when a group of long-time friends gathered at a local Dallas, Texas venue one evening for a meal. Over the years there had been many get-togethers of two or more of us who have known each other since elementary school days at Lakewood Elementary in Dallas. From "Lakewood", we all moved to "Long" (J. L. Long Junior High, now Middle School), and on to Woodrow Wilson High School, We performed in various bands together during those memorable years.

Dallas Doo-Wop is a doo-wop tribute band. From the outset, our focus was doo-wop vocal harmony in the original doo-wop style and the songs would be transcribed, arranged and performed as closely to the originals as possible. Another unique charasteristic is that all members of the group share lead vocals on the songs. This flexibility adds to the variety, the presentation and our personal interests.

Since 2002, Dallas Doo-Wop has performed at public and private venues in and outside Dallas. The band has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, The Advocate Magazines, various entertainment web sites and radio.

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