Donald Goss

Don is a native Texan who grew up with a love for music. At the age of five he could be seen picking out recently heard tunes on the piano.


He and his sister, who was five years older, sang together at the family upright. This was the beginning of his love for music and singing. Though he later pursued a career in engineering, he always had time to sing.

He sang in choirs and plays in grade school. He had a pure soprano voice with superb pitch thanks to that old upright on which he picked out tunes. Later, things changed suddenly for him. One night I went to bed a soprano and awoke a baritone. Since that time he has sung in school choirs, church choirs and a few cabarets. Friends through the years told me I was good enough to go pro but I never pursued singing as a career. Don is thrilled to be performing with the Follies crew. It's a dream come true for me at last.