Harley McDaniel

He is the Founder and Director of Research: Fisher Institute for Medical Research (1982-2013). Currently he is Clinical Research Design Consultant: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Division of Integrative & Complementary Medicine, CEO and Co-Founder of www.Nutraspace.com and www.wellnessquest.org.


Dr. McDaniel is a graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, did his pathology residency at Parkland Memorial Hospital & spent 30 years practicing anatomical & clinical pathology, including positions as the Director of Pathology & Laboratories and Director of Medical Education at Dallas-Ft Worth Medical Center. In 1982 he founded the Fisher Institute for Medical Research. The research goals were development of safe, effective and economical health management. In 1985, research on the active principle of the Aloe Vera Plant was initiated. He retired from pathology in 1994. Recently, the first successful medical school based clinical study in Alzheimer’s Disease was published (google or bing : aloe polymannose for details.)

Nearly 30 years research has been spent on plant micronutrients used to restore health for numerous conditions through its support through nutrition of normal biochemistry controlled by genetic instructions for assembly of bioactive compounds orchestrating host-defense, repair, regeneration and homeostasis. The American Naturopathic Assoc. awarded this work Advance of the Year in 1996.

Dr. McDaniel joined the Rotary Chorus in 1972 and has over 41 years perfect attendance in Rotary and is a Paul Harris Fellow.

He was active in black and white TV productions and performances and numerous theatre productions in college at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas