Reg McDaniel


He was also in plays, musicals and this led to training in the Ozarks mountains of Arkansas to learn the World of Fund Dance series. These ethic dances were taught to many youth groups in North Central Texas. This content was written by his authorship, costume design and being the castand dance director for 2 one-hour specials broadcast from the first television station located in Ft. Worth in the black and white TV days of the early 1950s. The show titles were, Birth of America and then Growth of America tracing the founding and immigration waves that formed our United States, all in ethic dance and music. Realizing that in entertainment, the arts, music and drama "Many answer but few are called." This pursuit was abandoned for a degrees in Biology and Chemistry that met medical school entry requirements.

In College at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas he was in a number of productions in this small liberal arts institution that would draw upon the science majors to fill out the casts for its theatre s drama and musical productions. In 1957 there was a burst of pride for a recognition award received from the Speech and Drama Department for set design, construction and lighting for the musical My Fair Lady.

1958 to 1966 measures of time were consumed by Medical School at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and residency in pathology at Parkland Memorial Hospital and Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

In 1972 he joined the Texas Rotary Chorus and as an aside in this year of 2015 43 years of perfect attendance in Rotary International and is a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary have been established.

In 1985 he became a consultant to Carrington Laboratories that did research on aloe vera leaf gel. From 1994 to 2004 he traveled multiple continents speaking and training the public to share the research that makes Personal Preventive Health and Health Restoration a reality. In this contac with millions of listeners the past experience in TV and the stage was a support for being before large audiences and seeking to keep people's attention when the hour was late and the audience's mind began to slumber. On challenging occasions he has been known to burst into a spontaneous song or poetic verse. This proved to shock people back into attention.

As an aside, the pinnacle of this aloe research led to many Alzheimer's patients awakening on adding this nutrientl in a dietary supplement. His medical profession apex is publishing a paper with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in 2013 in which a high percentage of advanced dementia patients regained memory and cognition.

Being a support, even though not playing a major part, in the Fabulous Senior Follies is a gratifying and rewarding experience to see the retirement center buses from far and wide line the streets for blocks outside the Eiseman Theatre. It is an unequalled joy to see happy faces in our audiences and sounds of appreciation that one knows the show has added a full measure of a thing of value into what may be an often droll life that moves very slowly as one ages. A life all too often alone, as a graying widow or widower, with adult children that have moved away, often far from their patent's daily life, taking with them the next generation. A generation now gone that would be a child to love and be loved by, that leaves an emptiness. By giving of ourselves to these post-mature individuals, we can try to fill a void and are indeed rewarded beyond an earthly value, just being present in the Fabulous Senior Follies. For all our guests before our stage, we can provide moments of remembrance of past years of love, joy and happiness. What some would call a mirage. a temporary fantasy, is for a fact a real experience of sharing and togetherness. HRMcD 2015