Edmond Neuberger

Ed Neuberger is 80 years old and has been singing since he was eight in the Episcopal Church Men & Boys Choirs, the San Diego Air Force Village II, the Dallas Rotary Chorus and in the Spectacular Senior Follies since 2008.


He has traveled, for business and pleasure, to all 50 states, all countries in the world except Russia, and was one of the first civilians to travel extensively throughout China after President Nixon opened China to American tourism.

Ed attended the Staunton Military Academy, the Stevens Institute of Technology, had a career as an Instrument Engineer involved in research, development, marketing, mamagement, and served on the board of directors and with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Ed has been married to Dorothy (Dotty) for 58 years and has 3 daughters; a Registered Nurse, a Fashion Design Manager and a Certified Nurse Anesthetist, and 5 grandchildren one of which is a Marine back from tours of duty in Afghanistan and Jordan.