David Noel

David Noel is a married, father of 6, and grandfather of 7 who moonlights as a programmer. Raised in Lewisville as a Fightin Farmer, stationed in Alaska as an Infantryman, attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NY, and performed in many local theatrical productions over the years.


SKILLS: Sing, Piano-Lite, Guitar Rhythm, Stage Fencing, Improvisation, Movement, Horse Riding, Mountain Climbing, Firearms, Computer, Sky Diving, River Rafting

BTW, I was cast in Garland Summary Musicals "My Fair lady" which goes up in June... directed by guess who...Michael with choreography by Megyn! So look for more info on that in another month or two.

History of the FBI -Featured Extra -Cable History Channel DETAINED -Sen. Douglas Trench/Featured -Dallas PBS ROACHMAN -The Comedian/Featured -Brian Hardin Productions Walker: Texas Ranger -Extra -CBS WISHBONE-Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde -Extra -PBS/Big Feats Entertainment

"THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH " -Richard Sherman/Lead -Pocket Sandwich Theater, TX
"THE RAINMAKER " -Starbuck/Lead -McKinney Rep, TX
"SABRINA FAIR " -Linus Larabee/Lead -Plano Rep, TX
"THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG " -Vernon Gersch/Lead -Lewisville GLCT, TX
"I HATE HAMLET " -Andrew Rally/Lead -Frisco Rep, TX
"OKLAHOMA " -Curley/Lead -McKinney Rep, TX
"THE UNEXPECTED GUEST " -Starkwedder/Macgregor/Lead -Frisco Rep, TX
"6 RMS RIV VU " -Paul/Lead -Lewisville GLCT, TX
"SENIOR PROM " -Bruce/Lead -Anchorage, AK
"GREASE " -Kenickie/Featured -Garland GCT, TX
"1776 " -R.H. Lee/Featured -Plano Rep, TX
"WHODUNNIT " -Silas Bazeby/Featured -Pocket Sandwich Theater, TX
"LI'L ABNER " -Abner/Lead -McKinney Rep, TX
"THE MOUSETRAP " -Giles/Featured -Garland GCT, TX
"SLEEPING BEAUTY/VAMPIRE LESBIANS " -Ian/King Carlisle/Featured -Pegasus Theater, Dallas, TX
"MUSICAL COMEDY MURDERS OF 1940 " -Ken/Featured -Garland GCT, TX
"JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR " -Pilot/Featured -Plano Rep, TX
"PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM " -Dick/Featured -Plano Rep, TX
"SOMETHING'S AFOOT " -Nigel/Featured -Plano Rep, TX
"THE GONDOLIERS" -Luiz/Featured -Texas Gil & Sul, Dallas, TX
"GHOSTS " -Engstrand/Featured -Mesquite Arts Council, TX
"IN SHELBY WE TRUST "-JJ King (TV Host)/Featured -Plano Rep, TX

"Taco Bueno " -Extra -Dallas/Big Fish Prod.

American Academy of Dramatic Arts -Los Angeles & New York City
Special Teachers: Acting: Milton Selzer, Carol Prescott, Dennis Moore
Shakespeare Alan Becket
Voice: David Terry
Fencing: Peter Consoli
Commercials-VOC Jeanne Everton -STAGE, Dallas, TX

Standard British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, French, German

To view pics on Facebook from some of my previous shows, friend me here: www.Facebook.com/DavidNoel To contact me via email - [email protected]