Sharon O'Neal

I love to sing so I took private voice lessons in 1st Grade, Middle and High School.


The lessons extended into college where I studied voice in the hopes I would someday be an opera star.

In the second year of college, my professor reluctantly broke the news: "You will never be an opera singer" he said, " because you have a Doris Day voice" I thought it over and decided that wasn't such a bad thing after all . So I quit college and took my Doris Day voice to Dallas to get a job singing. It was in the early '60s when Dallas had still not approved of hard liquor in clubs. Finding a job was not an easy thing. There were only a few night clubs - members only. One owner offered me a job but said he couldn't pay me. "The club wasn't making enough money for a singer" . One job interview was over a pay telephone, I ran out of coins in the middle of the song and didn't get the job. Out of necessity, I accepted a job with an advertising firm. After several weeks on the job and many mistakes later, my boss called me into his office. This job doesn't seem right for you, he said. "What do you really want to do?" "Sing, of course,I said." Glad to get me off his hands, my boss called one of his clients - Jack Ruby. Jack offered me a job on the spot and asked me to come to his night club the next day for an interview. I had heard of the "Carousal" but had never been there before. That night , a friend and I went to check it out. To my Southern Belle surprise, it was a strip joint! No place for a Southern Baptist to be. I turned down the job.
So, I'm quite happy signing in the car, in the shower and where ever else I please. Singing has been a great joy for me.

I sang at:
Marshall Junior & High School Choir- 2 years
College - Drama/Theater major - plays and musicals
Christ United Methodist Choir- 17 years
Heritage Ranch Choir - 4 years
Heritage Ranch Variety Show - Sang & danced - 2015 & 2016