James Price

James grew up in Marlin, Tx. He is from a farming/ranching family. He attended Texas Tech University, the University of Texas and Baylor Law School, graduating in 1963.


He presently attends Brookhaven College where he studies music under Dr. Sue Cruse, Freddie Jones and guitar under Jason Bennett.

James is an attorney who has practiced law in the Dallas County Area throughout his career. Active in musical entertainment for many years, he is a member of the Texas Rotary Chorus, as well as Carol Brandon's Good Time Gang, Sweet and Low, and Ambiance for more than two decades. He and his partner, Estelle Carter, often perform together in various venues.

He is father to one daughter, Paris Ann Bahcall, and has two grandsons, Corbin and Price, who are recent graduates of Baylor and Abilene Christian Universities.

James has appeared in all but one of the Senior Follies as a soloist, ensemble singer and with the Texas Rotary Chorus. He is pleased to be back with the Follies Family this year!