Francine Robison

Francine Robison was born and raised in Dallas. At the age of five she was already belting out songs at the top of her lungs and grew up singing in school talent shows.


Her singing career was cut short, however, when she got married and had four children. She raised those children to sing too, and they had a lot of family fun entertaining at parties.

Francine auditioned for the Follies this year at the encouragement of a friend and was ecstatic when she heard that she made the cut. Now she can check "Singing On Stage At The Eisemann Center," off of her bucket list. What a thrill to be a part of the Follies.
Recently, she has had the opportunity to entertain at several senior facilities, which has not only been fun, but very rewarding as well.
All of her children and grandchildren will be there to cheer her on in September. How exciting is that!