About Our Follies Showgirls

Its "Life in Feathers and Rhinestones" featuring authentic showgirls in sumptuous costumes.

Their gorgeous figures, elegant, sexy appearance and alluring personalities create a world-renowned atmosphere of irresistible glamour, style and excitement. In keeping with the Ziegfeld tradition, let's bring on the Senior Follies Showgirls!

Follies Showgirls

Life in Feathers and Rhinestones

The showgirls wear the most luxurious costumes in the Senior Follies, covered in jewels, beads, sequins and over-the-top feathered headdresses. Over the years, the women (whose ages have ranged from 55 to 86) have became the trademark and most talked about feature of the show.

A few of the senior showgirls, representing the first show in 2008 to the newest additions in later Senior Follies, got together to reminisce about what it is like to be a Senior Follies Showgirl and how it affected their lives. Each had an interesting perspective about why they volunteered and what they experienced.

This Years Showgirls

What our ladies are saying...

"Being a showgirl is the most visible role in the show, and the ladies talked about what motivated them to want to be a showgirl. The reasons were varied but had a similar theme."

"I had no stage experience but was intrigued by the challenge of overcoming my 'stage fright' so accepted the challenge. I thought I'd not be able to get through that, but I did!"

"I was a cast member and remember watching from the wings and seeing the beautiful costumes, watching the ladies as they glided across the stage with such grace, and admiring the way they spoke to the patrons after the show made me want to be a showgirl. Seeing every age group flock to speak with and have their photos taken with the "lovelies" made my desire to audition overcome any fear or trepidation I felt."

"At the time of the audition, I was 58 years old and in a rut, I thought I needed a new experience in my life and saw the ad for Follies auditions and that they were seeking showgirls and I decided to take a chance. I've loved old Hollywood musicals and always wished to be able to be part of a great production number. I knew I had to try out and win or fail, I knew I would finally be taking a risk."

"What a thrill for someone who has no actual Show Biz background or talent but always wished I could sing or SOMETHING so I could be on the stage! My wish came true!"

"I love our glamour! We represent the beauty of an older woman. We show that you can be a grandmother and still live a life of vitality."

"There is no 'worst'; it is all the 'best'. Being a Showgirl means I get to wear a fabulously outrageously wonderful costume and headdress."

"The very best part for me is seeing the patrons after each show. I adore speaking to the different age groups and learning what they enjoyed most about the show. What I've learned from my experience thus far is that you can always trust children and seniors to tell you exactly what they think about the show, costumes, music, etc. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

"The best parts of being a showgirl are the wonderful ladies that I share the showgirl dressing room with. We are like sisters. The costumes and feathers are great but I would do it in a potato sack just to be with the girls."

"All year long I get to tell people about the show and share my enthusiasm about it. And it helps me stay in shape to get back in those dresses! And I have lots of new sisters!"