Ned Startzel

During his college days in Pennsylvania, Ned took an active role in theatrical productions, musical competition and the performing arts.


Although he chose a more traditional career path, he always remained close to the arts circuit. Ned retired from Moore Business Forms and his desire to perform resurfaced.

Upon retirement, the lure of his hidden desire once again surfaced; but now, he was in a position to actively pursue his dream.
After a visit with the musical legend Mark Carroll, they realized they had a common dream and planning began. A year and a half later the dream was finally realized.
"I almost waited too long; I was 90 when the show [Spectacular Senior Follies 2008] started, Ned said."

He sang with the Texas Rotary Chorus and was a member of Rotary International for 53 years!
In 2010, Pennsylvania State University, his alma mater, recognized him for "Lifetime Achievement in the Arts."

Ned would have celebrated his 99th birthday on September 6, 2017.
Our show this year is dedicated to our founder and inspiration,
Ned Startzel.