Demo Videos From Every Year & Our Play List

Click 2017 for the "Fabulous 50's" and the Photo Book.
Click 2016 for "Bravo Broadway".
Click 2015 to see the Highlights of 2015.
Click 2014 to see the Class Act and Showgirls TV Interview.
Click 2013 to see Joe Cutaia in "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and Marilyn singing "Hey Daddy".
Click 2012 to see Jackie Troupe Miller tapping to "Steppin Out".
Click 2011 to see Stacy Dominguez as Marilyn.
Click 2010 for Mark, Trella, Rose Mary Rumbley, Gary Land and more.
Click 2009 to listen to a rehearsal of "There is Nothing Like a Dame" and "Singing in the Rain".
Click 2008 to see Mark Carroll sing "As Time Goes By", a Ned and Frances comedy routine and Trella Hart singing "Stormy Weather".

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Our Video Demo Playlist